The errors

The error of your ways?

Have you learned the error of your ways yet?

As a blind writer and reader I often listen to the words of those pretenders telling millions of how they are making a fortune online 24/7 and yet they offer no real substance as to how exactly they are obtaining their wealth.

The real truth is that in most cases they are earning little or nothing or perhaps even worse they are spending a fortune on buying into and advertising something that they hope you will try out yourself so that they can gain a tiny commission from you.

They are hoping that you and thousands like you have not learned the errors of believing everything that you read online, just seeing a short excerpt about making thousands of dollars overnight does not automatically mean you are going to do the same and in point of fact I can pretty much guarantee you are going to lose a lot of time and money.

“I do not just criticize”

I have answers to resolve it all!!

You could invest in crypto currencies but like anything else it is a gamble and could cost you a lot of money, a bit like betting on horses or dogs, OR you could take a tiny gamble and follow me into a very well tried and trusted business that really does pay and delivers real and tangible products and services.

“Look” it is not cost free but with out any doubt it works and I do mean WORKS 24/7 all year around and pays me even while I sleep, so right now the bottom line is if you do not want to spend a little and invest in YOUR own business then jump off this page and forget it ever appeared and go on with a future that you do not have here.

Ok I make no apologies for that statement above because it is better to tell you just exactly how it is instead of giving you a load of blarney about how simple this is because it is not, but following my instructions makes it simpler to understand.

Ok so step one is to get a website in professional format like the one you find this post on by looking at (make sure that you book mark and save all links on this post ).

Just go onto that page and find one of my banners telling you to get a website like this on WordPress

Once you have that then click on the banner and follow the instructions to setup your website this will cost you $9.95 per month for a domain of your choice, make sure to choose a catchy name for your business.

Now go into your new site admin area and in the plugins section and install Jetpack , then in jetpack settings choose the professional package and this will automatically connect you to google anilytics and major search engines , then go enable monetise your website and jetpack will begin to pay you for advertising on your business.

Make sure in your plugins to install and enable Akismet Anti-Spam this will stop spam reaching your blog systems automatically.

Take time to setup your website properly this I feel you need to allow yourself two or three days to do and also elements need time to propagate on the servers and begin connecting with millions of WP websites all over the world.

During your setup you will see reminders about your privacy policy so make sure to follow the instructions and set your policy in your widgets so that it appears to all new visitors and cover your legalities.

Ok so now you have setup a 24/7 money machine with a company that is already beginning to pay you for advertising putting you on the first rung of the ladder to bigger and better things ahead.

Take time to reflect?

I know some whiz kids will setup all of this in a couple of hours but honestly and truthfully give yourself a week of learning over the web systems and adjust everything to your liking and double check all of your work thus far looking for errors and typo’s, I also recommend that you set your home page for your blog posts ensuring this is the first thing visitors see.

Congratulations !!

Now you are ready for your next step on your journey where you have full control of what you put into your global blogging systems and how you build a really solid income without leaving home.

I will lead you to my number one income business with real and tangible products from a company that has been growing for the past 22 years and what is more important is that it is not owned by shareholders and therefor pays bigger dividends’ to promoters of the business that means YOU.

Most of this business is self-explanatory with learning video and tutorials but in any event once you join you will get my full contact information so if you need help or advice then you can reach me at anytime and I will guide you to placing this onto your website.


You can also contact me with your questions and queries below using my contact form and try to give me as much detail as possible remembering that I am completely blind and I cannot see graphics or diagrams but I can easily listen to the written word.