About the author

A little about me and the business that I work online which is setup soley by myself giving a two fold effect in that it provides me with an income and also it protects my sanity.

What the meaning of the above statement really means to me is that I am completely blind but I need to have things to do on a day to day basis and also I need to have an income to survive in the real world and I can guess there are many thousands of people reading this that can relate to this need to be working for more than just money.
How and why?

I had a long and varied working life from being a member of the British armed forces to managing an arable farm in the south of England to running my own business as a mechanic in the west of Yorkshire, I also managed an extrusion company for a while before working in a factory making cutting formes and delivering them in various parts of the country.

As you can see from this I have never been affraid of work or diversity or moving around into different area’s, and also loved the socialising with new people where ever I went but in 2013 I went on a usual yearly eyesight examination where they told me I had a tiny bleed behind my left eye and they told me to see my doctor for further examination, I have to tell you at this point there was nothing else wrong with my eyesight and my vision was not affected.

To cut a long story short my doctor referred me to a specialist at a hospital and when the althalmic optician looked into my eyes and examined all area’s he told me to return for another examination in six to eight weeks, but what he should have done was inject my eye to stop the bleeding, I am not an eye specialist and accepted that he knew what he was doing and I left the hospital and carried on going about my everyday work but in less than three weeks I awoke one morning to find I was in darkness, my son got an ambulance and got me to hospital where they found both my eyes flooded with blood and both my retinea damaged beyond repair.

So you see that was it it I litterally became blind overnight simply because some idiot did not do his job properly, So again to cut a long story short I was helped by the blind veterans association to live as a blind person and part of this process was teaching me I.T and I learned how to write website by sound, which then led me into find a source of income online promoting affiliate programs.

Whilst I was doing all of this promotions work I was learnign the best ways to do it and also began createing my own network and in the process I needed to create a business name that everyone could relate to so since my name is Nigel J Pearcey it became purely logic that I called it NJP Business because in all things I like to keep it simple and that is why all of my networks are based or linked into , The head of my network is my home and garden shopping site where I now sell home and garden products all over the United Kingdom using a free delivery service.

You will find more links being added to my blog site as time evolves and these are programs that I still promote and try to raise some funding for the blind veterans association who are actually a UK charity association who help many thousands of people like myself to lead a normal life and stay active.

In return I have helped a lot of people to make money from home using my links and joining affiliate programs that are simple and viable in a real world situation that also supply real and tangeble products into the health and fitness industry, this strategy has evolved and changed out of all recognition over the past ten ye