Project Y C T growth

First update

The initial idea was basically a shopping cart selling around 2000 different products across the United Kingdom and whilst sales were doing ok I found this very time consuming and my profit margin was slim, the setup cost of a decent shopping cart was enormous and insurance and security certificates also added to some of my costs, so whilst that project could be deemed as successful I found myself continuously dealing with customer orders and delivery which at times can be a night mare when things do not go according to plan.

Another part of the original project is that it was hosted on a shared server which also caused many problems like a lot of down time and spam and blocked e-mail from my server because others somewhere on the shared server were causing problems online and this caused google to begin blocking the server regardless of who is using it.

The reason I explain all of this above is to help others keep away from some of the pitfalls of working a project online , I should also explain that I am completely blind which causes me a few other problems when certain elements do not talk to me via my disability software and I have to guess what is in front of me at those times, even writing this can have its challenges for instance when I make a typo and it sounds correct even though it is spelled out incorrectly so as you can imagine when I write html it can be even worse but fortunately with a lot of new and constantly updating software I rarely now have to write html coding as much of it is done for me.


Ok so while still running my shopping cart I decided to investigate MLM which in itself can be a minefield of disasters waiting to happen but fortunately I came across a 20 year old company owned and operated by one family in Shirts, Texas and it had no share holders and no debts, I investigated it fully and found it was massive in fact its value was set at $200000000 and rising due to its sales of real and tangible products and services by thousands of affiliates being paid higher commission rate than any other company I had seen before.

When I contacted the owner of the company he told me it was viable to pay the sort of rates that he pays because he has never borrowed money to fund the company and does not have share holders either so this gives him a free hand to pay well to move his business forwards .

That was good enough for me and I began working for him and you can see more by clicking here!!.   

So from this point onwards I had an income that was growing and this means I had more time to work on my own project and this is where Y C T O began growing in stature and now I installed this website on GVO hosting, (and yes you guessed it correct this is owned by the same company that I work for), makes good sense and it is a dedicated server and not shared by anyone.

Project Y C T O is now building very well for me in tiny stages, I have connected it to google and many social networks and search engines promoting my line of marketing and promotions while being paid now by lots of other affiliate programs which one by one I will include into Y C T O .

Installed to Y C T O!  

While the site continues to grow I installed new and updated elements as follows:

  • SSL certificate
  • Jetpack
  • Vault Press
  • User Frontend
  • Port folio
  • Projects
  • Testimonials

I am currently working on the user front end to allow users to join me on this site and pay for advertising to help pay for the project to move forwards and hopefully to a point where I can install elements to allow me to pay affiliates to help grow Y C T O on a much larger network just one step at a time for this blind marketer.


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