Blue Ocean Promotions

Blue ocean promoting Do You Have the Mind of a Blue Ocean Strategist? How do blue ocean strategists see new opportunities where others see only red oceans of declining profits and slow growth? They don’t get taken in by what everyone else takes for granted. They embrace a perspective that helps them challenge long-held assumptions […]


My Politacal rant!!

“Sack the lily-livered MP’s” Please excuse me folks but I usually do not get political, I was incensed by the call for a vote on trust in Theresa May??. I do not like her and never wanted her as PM but the plain fact is that Cameron jumped ship when things did not go his […]

Blue ocean strategies

What is blue ocean ? Some people reading this will have read a book about blue ocean strategies but most will not even know what it means or how it can affect your life and your income especially if like me you work online for companies ignoring blue ocean strategies which could have a devastating […]

Amazon.Com Taught Us How To Earn Thousands Of Dollars Per Week Online!

Amazon taut us how and now it is wlwmwntaryAllow us to show you how we earn thousands of dollars per week selling products online, just like has been doing for 20+ years! Source: Amazon.Com Taught Us How To Earn Thousands Of Dollars Per Week Online!

49000 listings fast?

Get listed on 49000 websites Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Search: Business/Jobs Internet/Promo BusinessOpportunities Comp-Hardware Help Wanted Comp-Software Looking forWork Advertising Employment Hosting Investment Web Design MLM WebPromotion $$$$$$ Classifieds Finance Work fromHome Banking F R E E Arts/Sports Consumer Art Pets andAnimals Jokes […]

Hello world of Y.C.T. Online!!

Welcome to my new world in progress Building my world as a blind person is never easy but oh boy it is fun and a joy to behold with a smiley face to prove that working online is fun, intuitive, interesting and lucrative “well sometimes it is lol”. Ok anyway I hope you enjoy my […]