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My Politacal rant!!

“Sack the lily-livered MP’s”

Please excuse me folks but I usually do not get political, I was incensed by the call for a vote on trust in Theresa May??.

I do not like her and never wanted her as PM but the plain fact is that Cameron jumped ship when things did not go his was and so like a spoilt kid in a playground, he ran off crying into a corner and left Theresa to back a motion that she DID NOT vote for, in point of fact she voted remain.

I now take off my hat to her because she took on the job despite everything and she is giving it her all and getting everything, she can for us and yet every step of the way she is undermined by lily livered MP’s that follow each other like sheep, yet each and every one of them has no real answer to solving Brexit.

The whole lot of them should be sacked and removed from government completely.

My feeling are that we should never leave the EU, this is why I voted remain but we have a lot of young voters that never knew why we joined the common market in the first instance or saw the damage it did at the time and to add to that they were never given the plan to leave and the turmoil it would cause and that is why we had a 51% majority to leave, if they had been told the truth then we would never have contemplated leaving the EU and we would not be in this position now.

So you see folk’s if David Cameron had done his job properly and identified all of the motions that needed to be carried forwards and properly assessed the likely hood of getting all motions agreed across Europe and Parliament he would have known all of the pitfalls and been able to present that to the voters and undoubtably most would have voted remain.

And we would not have sent Theresa to face hell fire in Europe.

OK that is the end of my rant for the day.

Blue ocean strategies

What is blue ocean ?

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